Why it’s time to split the autism spectrum [PODCAST]

By | June 15, 2021

“Legislative advocacy has become difficult for the severe autism population since the DSM-5 lumped Asperger’s syndrome with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Further complicating the matter, a new population recently emerged who identify as “autistic” without having a diagnosis from a qualified health care professional.

Without a clear distinction for various parts of the spectrum, we are comparing apples and oranges. We will not render meaningful information, and we make it difficult for the entire spectrum, but especially for those most affected.”

Irene Tanzman is a patient advocate and author of Abie and Arlene’s Autism War. Jill Escher is president, National Council on Severe Autism (NCSA).

They share their stories and discuss the KevinMD article, “Why health care professionals must call for splitting the autism spectrum.”

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