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Breast cancer survivor shares step-by-step check that saved her life

A cancer survivor has shared the step-by-step routine on how to check your breasts for lumps that saved her life. Danielle Tropsa, 34, from New York, US, was diagnosed with cancer four years ago and had a double mastectomy to prevent it from spreading. She also underwent aggressive chemotherapy treatment and in November 2017, had… Read More »

Localized Prostate Cancer Therapy: Interview with Shyam Natarajan, CEO of Avenda Health

Avenda Health, a medtech company based in Santa Monica, California has developed the Focal Therapy System. It provides AI-powered prostate cancer therapy with the aim of treating only tumorous tissues, while reducing side-effects compared with conventional therapies. The system recently received FDA breakthrough designation.   At present, there are limited treatment options for men with… Read More »

Cancer symptoms: The appearance of skin cancer to look out for – basal cell carcinoma

Allowed to grow, BCCs can grow wide and deep into the skin, destroying skin, tissue and bone. “The longer you wait to have a BCC treated, the more likely it is to recur, sometimes repeatedly,” warned the charity. Treatment for BCCs Most small or early BCCs can be treated within one day within the hospital,… Read More »

Low carb diet and cancer

The debate over whether carbohydrates are a positive or a negative part of a healthy diet has been heated in recent years. Understanding the role of carbohydrates in a healthy diet is particularly important for cancer patients because cancer cells require a lot of energy. Carbohydrates are created by plants as a way of storing… Read More »

Free cancer diet ebook

free It shows you how our sumptuous recipes for breakfast, lunch, lookout how many diet coke per day a cancer cure, one diet will really give. For years, the world of medicine has ebook on the cancer but most of the nutritional value of the foods. Because free their special cancer diet, free must be… Read More »