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10 Weird Things About Pregnancy

By Kathy Fang Pregnant women can develop diabetes during their pregnancy Gestational diabetes only happens during pregnancy and usually goes away after the birth of the baby. This came as a huge surprise for me during my first pregnancy. Gestational diabetes can happen to any expecting moms, even those who are healthy and fit. I… Read More »

Ask the Doctor: D. Todd Detar, DO, Answers Questions about Osteopathic Medicine and His Role in the Community

D. Todd Detar, DO Q. What attracted you to medicine? A. While studying health education at the University of Delaware, a college sports injury ended my life’s dream of becoming an NFL player. One of my coaches saw an opportunity for me to work as a trainer for the Philadelphia Phillies, and over time, I… Read More »

Good info about the paleo diet

Following a Paleolithic diet means eating unprocessed, fresh foods that reflect the diet of our hunter-gatherer ancestors from the Paleolithic era. It involves avoiding any foods that were not available to these ‘cavemen’ at that time, including processed foods, grains and dairy products. The staple foods of a Paleolithic diet include meat and seafood. The… Read More »