South beach diet phase 2 tracker

By | April 1, 2021

south beach diet phase 2 tracker

South Beach Diet program is a very popular diet program developed by Dr. Arthur Agatston, a Miami based Cardiologist and celebrity doctor. He mainly developed the South beach diet plan for his heart patients to lose weight and control their blood cholesterol levels. The Agatston score is popularly known for scanning the amount of calcium deposited on the arterial wall. According to him, weigh loss is certainly one of the aims of the South beach diet plan but it has more to do with improvising the health of patients and changing the diet habits forever. South beach diet plan offers prepacked ready to eat meals which are delivered directly to your home. You can pick from three different plans depending on your budget and menu choices. These plans are discussed further below in this article. The South beach diet plan delivers low glycemic foods that get slowly absorbed into the blood stream thus preventing the sudden rise of blood sugar levels in the body. Agatston found that by regulating the blood sugar levels in the body, he could suppress the cravings that arise in between meals thus paving way to weight loss. He also simultaneously studied the chemistry of blood and how that could prevent heart attacks and strokes.

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