How diet effects Hepcidin

By | November 2, 2020

how diet effects Hepcidin

Influence of prenatal iron and zinc supplements on supplemental iron absorption, red blood cell iron incorporation, and iron status in pregnant Peruvian women. Blood Cells Mol. JA participated in design and helped to draft the manuscript. The effects of acute exercise bouts on hepcidin in women. J Physiol. Although transferrin deficiency affects predominantly the delivery of iron to erythropoiesis, a process entirely dependent of transferrin-mediated iron uptake, certain features of this disorder point to the direct involvement of transferrin in hepcidin regulation. Subjects visited the laboratory three times throughout the experimental period.

Metrics details. At present many young people experience too much body iron accumulation. The reason of this phenomenon is not clear. There is accumulating evidences that not proper diet and lack of exercise could be a main contributing factors. This investigation assessed the effects of a diet rich in simple sugars glucose or fructose on exercise-induced hepcidin which is hormone regulating iron metabolism. After a 1-week break, they crossed over to the alternate mode for the subsequent 3-days period. The physiological response to exercise was also determined. Blood IL-6 increased significantly after exercise only in subjects supplemented with fructose. Changes in hepcidin did not correlate with shifts in serum IL

Furthermore, blood glucose levels were significantly higher in the FED condition than those in the CON condition immediately after the completion of exercise. Of the 21 subjects who were enrolled in the study, four were excluded because of failure to complete the second exercise test Fig. Regular exercise reduces body iron stores; therefore, the lack of exercise may be responsible for body iron accumulation [ 10, 13 ]. Oxford Academic. Fructose and mineral metabolism. Hepcidin—a potential novel biomarker for iron status in chronic kidney disease. Pedersen BK, Febbraio M. Am J Clin Nutr ; 84 : — 5.

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