Fasting diet with metformin

By | September 12, 2020

fasting diet with metformin

A year-old female presents to the clinic for a diabetes follow-up. She reports that she is trying to eat well, but dines out a few times a week, particularly when she is too busy to pack a lunch for work. On a typical dine-out day the patient will have. She checks her glucose twice per day and does not drop low. Her physical exam highlighted the following. She has been reading about intermittent fasting and would like to try it, but would like the opinion of her physician before going any further. Below are some talking points that would be helpful to address with such a patient.

Ramadan is the Holy Month for Muslims, a time of worship, self-discipline, austerity and charity. During Ramadan, there are alterations to mealtimes and the daily routine, and special traditional foods are eaten. Fasting is necessary for all healthy adult Muslims, with no food or water consumed between dawn and sunset. You could consider donating some money to charity as an alternative means of participating in Ramadan. Muslims with diabetes can be exempt from fasting, but if you really want to fast, make sure you can do it safely. Fasting can cause problems for people with diabetes, as your blood glucose levels are closely linked to your diet, the timings of your meals and your medication. If you are in any doubt about how you should manage your diabetes while you fast, you should talk to your diabetes care team. There may be circumstances when you will be advised not to fast for health reasons. If you are overweight, you may lose weight during Ramadan, which will help you improve the way you control your blood glucose levels. The following tips will be helpful.

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Excellent fasting diet with metformin are not rightHer physical exam highlighted the following. Metformin side effects are the same in men and women. A year-old female presents to the clinic for a diabetes follow-up. This video may be helpful for you!

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