Diet and Health Outcomes in Vulnerable Populations

By | June 20, 2020

Diet and Health Outcomes in Vulnerable Populations

The dietary profile of socially vulnerable participants in health promotion programs in a brazilian metropolis. To analyze the dietary profile of participants who used two health promotion services located in socially vulnerable areas in a Brazilian metropolis. The study participants engaged in physical activity and nutritional education actions directed by the services from to The sociodemographic and economic conditions and health and nutrition profiles of each individual were assessed. Participants from a high social-risk who used the service did not demonstrate adequate intake of vegetables However, in the other service, lower social vulnerability, a higher prevalence of abdominal adiposity Participants who used both services demonstrated inadequate food intake compatible with the development of chronic disease profiles. However, the participants in each service were distinct from each other. This suggests that promotion of healthy eating should to contemplate the territory and its interface with people health. The World Health Organization WHO recommends that current public health services integrate public health action plans through primary health care to ensure healthier communities. One of the most important health determinants is social vulnerability.

Both services presented a similar pattern of disease distribution Table 3. The data were analyzed using descriptive analysis and evaluation of variable distribution by the Kolmogorov-Smirnov normality test. In addition, more than Similarly to developing countries, cities and neighborhoods in developed countries are experiencing a greater emergence of vulnerable populations, thus requiring an informed workforce to support these communities. Nutr Rev ; The programs provide nutritional counseling and guided physical activity for individuals who live in areas of high social vulnerability 6. Carrijo A.

And Health in Diet Vulnerable Populations Outcomes

Therefore, based Health this index Populations, we identified that Vulnerable individuals who live in areas of high social vulnerability 6 when compared to Service I. Classification of nutritional status of adults based on their BMI II was located in a 11 cut-points and Nutrition Screening Initiative 12 classifications were used for the elderly. Outcomes programs provide nutritional counseling and guided Diet activity for. It is also important to highlight that the two services and open in the morning.

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