Can you alter addictions with diet

By | June 15, 2020

can you alter addictions with diet

When thinking about addictive substances, most people will put illicit drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes at the top of the list, without even giving a second thought to the food they consume on a daily basis. However, perhaps it should be, as there are more than million adults considered obese in the U. On the pro side, scientific research shows us that certain palatable foods can create a reaction similar to the impact drugs have on our brain. For example, when a person repeatedly eats sugar, which is hidden in so many of the foods that we consume, it causes dopamine to be released in reward-related areas of the brain. These same areas of the brain are activated when you drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. The reward from eating sugar can lead to further eating, ultimately making it hard to cut back on intake. On the other hand, critics will argue that the because there are no clear signs of intoxication or withdrawal, no clear disruption of normal daily functioning, and no clear risk for overdose, food should not be considered an addictive substance. But do we really need the added sugars and processed foods that permeate our food choices? Did cigarettes create clear signs of intoxication, overdose or barriers to normal daily functioning?

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