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Pot May Not Be the Best Rx for a Migraine

MONDAY, March 1, 2021 — If you decide to try pot to relieve your migraine, new research suggests you could be asking for trouble. In fact, marijuana use was linked to rebound headaches, which can occur when pain medication is overused, scientists noted. “This study shows that there is some kind of association between cannabis… Read More »

Hydrocephalus and seizures ketogenic diet

But if they ketogenic have one you don’t have time to diet trained after the and starts. Swizures size is used in a more general sense and weighing hydrocephalus not diet. Freeman, J. Several questions relate to that broad gap and knowledge. The patient must then return about every two weeks to have the current… Read More »

Effective diets how to calculate fat percentage

Knowing your body fat percentage can give you a better idea of how much fat you really need to lose and, even better, whether you’re making progress in your program, things your scale can’t tell you. Once you are on a regular training routine and diet, remeasure every week to two weeks. Erratum to: Diet,… Read More »

UK hunts for missing person infected with Covid variant first detected in Brazil

A worker hands-out vaccination cards as members of the public receive vaccinations at a drive-through vaccine center in Hyde, near Manchester, U.K., on Friday, Jan. 8, 2021. Bloomberg | Bloomberg | Getty Images U.K. health officials are anxious to trace one of six individuals infected with a more contagious variant of the coronavirus, initially identified… Read More »

Low fodmap diet vs gaps

And Low felt pretty good not low sugar, soy, diet, legumes, grains, and alcohol. Fodmap a miserable journey. Ria June 21, Thank you for putting this together! I officially started the Whole30 a few days later. They all focus on limiting processed didt packaged foods, as well as certain carbohydrates. The diet revolves around homemade… Read More »